First Year of College Wrap-Up and Update


Now that I'm home from college for the summer, I'm finally getting a chance to slow down and reflect back on the last 10 or so months of my life- this journey of mine towards earning a degree and getting the "job of my dreams." My first year away at college was defintely not what I expected – in a good way though, sort of. 

Instead of partying and making lots of friends every weekend, I worked to earn money for school. Had I not worked, I would not have been able to afford my tuition. As it was I barely managed to pay it off. How many college freshmen can say that they paid off a Syracuse University tuition (mostly) by themselves? Not many and I am definitely proud of that.

Instead of reading a ton of books like I wanted to, I found that I really didn't have that much free time between classes, assignments, and work. I packed so many books but ended up reading only a couple. Next year I know to pack a little lighter.

Instead of joining a bunch of clubs and organizations and utilizing the gym facilities on campus, I did almost nothing. I was too timid about things and I didn't make very many friends; none were willing to go to the gym or meetings with me. Soo, I was pretty much a veg all year. A homework-doing veg though. 

Hopefully next semester will be better! I'm already looking forward to it. I signed up to take a literature class about Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, two Russian authors. I started to read Anna Karenina last summer and failed miserably, but maybe this class will motivate me to finish it. I'm super excited.

Mini Wrap-Up

Some of the english/writing classes I took this year were:

introductory writing course

DIY publishing

English lit. 1789 to the present

Gender and lit. studies course

Reading Popular Culture

I have a love-hate relationship with English/writing classes. The essay prompts aren't always to my liking, and the professors are usually either very "out-there' (if you know what I mean) or extremely strict and of the grammar nazi variety. Not all, but most. I also don't like the criticism, but I suppose it will help in the long run. 


Hey everyone, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts this past week. It's because I have a lot of things going on lately, as do most college students this time of year. You see, there's this thing called Finals Week. You may have heard it…if not, all you need to know is that it is hell. 

I've had a bunch of essays and tests to do, not to mention another 5-pager due tomorrow afternoon and a 10-pager due the day after that. I've also been working all weekend – like usual. Some kids might take advantage of the weekends to get homework done, and normally I would too, but I can't because I work. My place of employment is open from 11 AM to 4 AM on the weekends…and well, let's just say there isn't much leftover time for other things. 

I've also been trying to pack up some of my stuff and spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend and friends here. I'll be heading back home on Wednesday and I'll miss them. On my last night of work I was presented with a cake that said "we'll miss you," a stuffed frog (my favorite animal), and a card with little goodbye messages from all my coworkers. It was super nice and almost made cry. But guys, I'm coming back next year!! I'm actually really excited for this coming fall semester. My new dorm and room look great – so much nicer than where I'm at now! – and my new roommate seems so chill. Can't wait. 

OK so besides that, I have been getting some reading in between writing essays, studying, working, and sleeping. I'm enjoying This is What Happy Looks Like so far (go check it out!!) and I've been trying to read segments of Let's Get Digital whenever I get a chance to as well.


Looking forward to:

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick


True by Erin McCarthy, released May 7th 

Listening to: 

Drunk – Ed Sheeran


Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds

Down the Road – C2C

Me Without You – Sam Tsui

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey guys, here's just an update on some things I've been loving lately. Feel free to share your current favorites in the comments.


What I'm reading: Sever by Lauren Destefano. Enjoying it so far. I'm excited to see how she ends the series but sad at the same time!


What I'm listening to: I've been (re)discovering some great music lately. Here's just a few. 

"Waiting on the Rain" by J Boog

Also loving the new Walk off the Earth album! Seriously. Every song is amazing. Here are some of my favorites though for your listening pleasure.

"Revo" by Walk off the Earth

"Red Hands" by Walk off the Earth

"Summer Vibe" by Walk off the Earth 


What I'm Watching: Well I had to watch a few episodes of Supernatural for my ETS 145 class. It was decent, not really my thing though. Otherwise The Host is coming out in 2 days and I'm super excited to go see it. Maybe there will even be a review to follow?