Bookshelves You Wish You Owned

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share my bookcase with you all. Stuck here in my dorm room with only the few books I brought with me makes me miss my messy shelves back home. It's usually a little more organized and neater than this, but while I'm at school my mom likes to "borrow" books from my room and can never seem to put them back in the right spot. It's okay though, I'm glad they're being put to good use rather than just collecting dust. 

You can't tell but on the top shelf I have a few trophies and medals from my childhood (basketball, a beauty pageant, cheerleading) and some other random memorabilia. The shelf directly below that are my favorite hard cover books. All the shelves are double stacked by the way, meaning there's books behind the books that you can see. Running out of room but too lazy/cheap to buy another bookcase. Anyway moving on, the next shelf is my paperbacks that I have read along with a picture frame and a sand-filled frog that fell over. Then I have books that I haven't read yet, otherwise known as my TBR (to-be-read) pile and a stuffed bear from Dorney Park, Pennsylvania. Then I just have random books – ones that are either too large or too small so they'd look awkward with the other ones, classics, some journals, dictionaries, writing guides, etc. There's also a green bike seat and a dark blue doorhandle from my friend's Tiburon. Don't ask why. The very last shelf is old notebooks and folders from high school, yearbooks, a picture album, some movies and some CDs. Like I said, messy and unorganized but I love it.

Hopefully when I'm older and can afford nice things to have in my own home, I'll be able to upgrade to something much nicer. Here are some cool bookcases I found.



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