Bookmark Collection!

Hey guys, so I am officially home from college for the summer. As I was unpacking and putting my things away, I came across my bookmark collection. I have over 70 bookmarks – crazy right? Who needs that many? 

I do, apparently. Honestly though, I haven't actually used bookmarks while reading since middle school! I normally just dog-ear the pages or use the dust jacket to keep my place.

Anyways, just thought I'd share a couple with you. Enjoy.



These two are probably my favorites and most used. I love polka dots.


These are all my Twilight ones. There was a stage of my life in which I fangirl'ed. Hard.



These are all ones that either have a specific memory for me or are from a certain place. The Rome and Phillip Island ones I received as souvenirs from my best friend in middle school when she used to travel a lot. We aren't close anymore, but the bookmarks remind me of what a great friendship we used to have. The one that says Princeton I got while visiting the college with my family. The other two are from Arlington, Virginia where my grandfather is buried in the war memorial cemetary. I got them while I was there for his funeral. 

One of the reasons why I like to collect bookmarks so much is because they're like little souvenirs – super cheap and easily transported too!





This one I bought at a museum field trip for school. 



I love bookmarks that have information, quotes, or fun facts on them. They're like little pieces of knowledge, and who doesn't love learning?


The presidents. 



The string type of bookmarks.


A few of my favorite animal bookmarks. The turtle and wolf ones both have information on the other side, which, as I said before, I love.


One my mom bought for me that has my name and the origin/definition of it.

Is it weird to have a bookmark collection? I'm not sure, but I don't really care either. I think they're cool and super easy to collect. I don't go out of my way to look for them – friends and family buy them for me, I buy them when I travel new places…and over time they have just accumulated. They're also a great way to preserve memories and experiences.